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Wow, been a long time since I even been on this account.
I am just writing because I feel like it. I wanted to write some where where I know that really no one will see it, and well I figured
this be the best place to do it. Because I don't want to announce who I am or what I do, but i wanted to express myself someplace
that no one will know where to fine me.

For Last 3 years, I been on YouTube, I have met some of the biggest, and best people there. Some of which I call friends now, that
each helped me grow in multiple ways. I left DA, do to the fact there was a girl here I was lusting over.. I didn't love her I lusted for her
but I guess you get that fro being a immature teenager that thinks the world revolves around you. I did things, I pretended, I lied to her,
I did all sorts of things which I am not proud of and never admitted towards her, and to this day it haunts me a little every so often.

If she ever sees this or reads this, I wanted to say. Yes I did fake alot of things, I made up stories, and done shit you know was not
real. Because of all this, I am very much sorry. I seen you recently, and notice you life seems to be doing damn good. Your doing great
and I wish you all the best with your life. I am glad you met someone that takes care of you and I am glad things in your life is working
out for the best.

For me.. I finally done it, I got the dreamjob of a life time, I don't have a normal job anymore, I work from home now. and doing well
I make videos, I make content and I work with so many others now that we all share the same passion.

I have recently opened myself up more.. and starting to trust people again rather than pushing them aside or trying to move myself
away to always stay above them.. I see now that trusting other human beings is prehaps the best course of action now a days..

Who knows, what will happen in future, I just hope it stays like this at least for a while..

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